Your Favorite Diet Shakes Revealed 

Your Favorite Diet Shakes Revealed 

Have you been too busy to prepare well-balanced meals as regularly as you would like? Or have you been trying unsuccessfully to lose weight? If you have answered yes to either of these questions, then today may be your lucky day.

We are about to let you in on a secret that may change your life for the better. Word on the street is that weight loss requires discipline and hard work, and we know you do not like the sound of the last part. That is why we would like to start you off on a new journey with an easy to do task, drinking!

That’s right…you can start drinking your way to a fit bod in a matter of days, courtesy of diet shakes. But with so many brands and varieties in the market, how do you pick the right one?

Important Information to Remember

The right kind of shake should contain a good amount of nutrients that are worth your time and money, just like 310 nutrition. For that to happen, it needs to have proteins, fiber, carbohydrates, calories and more importantly, zero sugar and cholesterol. You are trying to shake those off after all.

In addition to that, find out if the meal replacement shake in question can do the following: 

  • Suppress hunger
  • Boost your body’s metabolism
  • Suppress your cravings
  • Give you a feeling of fullness
  • Preserve muscle mass

Today, we will take an in-depth look at two popular brands, the 310 diet shake, and the Thrive diet shake, to help you determine the best one for you.

Details about the ingredients

As mentioned above, both products have essential nutrients as well as additional ones to help you make the most of each serving. 

  1.  Calories

Low calories for you means an increase in the possibility of weight loss and this is why calorie intake needs to be moderated. One serving of Thrive offers at least 110 calories whereas a similar portion of the 310 shake contains a smaller amount at 90 calories.  

  1.  Fat and cholesterol

Thrive shake contains a fat content of 2 grams while the cholesterol is 4.5 mg. On the other hand, 310 shake has 1 gram of fat and zero cholesterol per serving. That spells good news for anyone trying to keep unnecessary cholesterol and fat out of their system.

  1.  Carbohydrates

 So far, it seems like 310 is winning. When it comes to carbohydrate content, it is 7 grams for 310 and 9 grams for Thrive. Remember, a lower level ensures your body does not become bloated and puffy due to an increase of water weight which is the result of a high intake of carbohydrates.

  1.  Sugar

 The sugar in the Thrive diet shake is what contributes greatly to its great taste. However, the 2-gram sugar content might pose a challenge if you are looking to forego sugar all together. The 310 shake in comparison contains no sugar, and this works as the healthier option.

Sugar can increase hunger to make you eat more and this makes losing weight even harder. However, when the intake is low, your body’s blood sugar becomes stable consequently reducing the possibility of weight gain as well as sudden dips in energy and mood levels.

  1.  Protein

Both shakes contain 15 grams of protein which coincidentally forms as a result of a combination of three different proteins.

Thrive contains soy protein, pea protein, and whey protein concentrate. On the other hand, 310 protein levels are a culmination of pea protein, hemp protein and brown rice protein.

This can be a great boost if your desire is to lose weight without the muscle.

  1.  Fiber

Fiber is vital to improving your metabolism and curbing hunger, an aspect essential to losing and maintaining your new found weight. Both Thrive and 310 get to share in this glory as they have a 5-gram dietary fiber content in each serving.

Who can take these diet shakes?

Both are ideal for anyone who is free from health issues and is looking to improve their overall health. If you are pregnant, nursing or suffer from an ailment it is wise to consult your physician before starting a

meal replacement planAdditionally, both thrive and 310 shakes are gluten-free, therefore are perfect for anyone with gluten insensitivity. However, if you are allergic to soy, you are likely to get a reaction from taking Thrive as it contains soy protein.

As a result, the 310 diet shake takes it all for its natural and vegan-friendly aspect as well as the lack of stimulants which make it the best fit if you are pre- or post-bariatric and require a liquid diet.

Thrive contains caffeine which might make sleeping almost impossible for you when you need to. 310, on the other hand, is caffeine-free hence safe to take any time of the day.


With everything we’ve already discussed and also with a money back guarantee, the 310 diet shake seems like one you should include in your diet regimen. There are many shakes on the market but going with one that is good for your body and healthy in the long run is your best bet.