Why You Must Absolutely Read The Plant Paradox By Dr. Steven Gundry

Why You Must Absolutely Read The Plant Paradox By Dr. Steven Gundry

No doubt eating healthy has no match when it comes to staying fit and disease-free, but choosing the right food (among the healthy foods) is even more important to keep away from the dangers associated with them. Yes, you read it right. Some foods that you might think help you stay healthy is actually making your sick. It could be difficult to believe but the recent nutritional research says so. This seemingly contradictory statement is well explained by Dr. Steven Gundry in the book-The Plant Paradox. Let’s find out what the book has to offer.

The Plant Paradox- About the book The revolutionary book is written by Dr. Steven Gundry who is famous for his contribution in the medical field. In this book, he tried to present the dangers of some foods that are thought to be healthy, while they are not. He made the book amazingly easy to understand, keeping in mind that everyone should be able to grasp the knowledge to know what is better for them.

Dr. Gundry has always been caring for his patients and wanted to reduce the gap between a doctor and his patients. Due to this reason, he mostly refuses to wear that doctor’s coat when visiting them. Similarly, if you are a common man with no prior medical knowledge, you can easily understand the concept and reason for choosing a healthier diet. The book not just contains a list of foods that can cause diseases but also have various recipes to enjoy the flavorful and healthy food every time.

The Plant Paradox mainly focuses on certain fruits and vegetables as well as seeds, grains, and legumes that are otherwise thought completely healthy but may pose a threat of various diseases that may occur. It is due to the presence of certain compounds that can wreak havoc on your system when consumed in large quantities.

The cover shows a smashed tomato that is usually eaten when you are on a vegetarian diet in recipes and salads. The simple healthy looking food contains a compound lectin that can cause gluten like damage to your digestive system. Through extensive research, Gundry found that plants are able to develop certain ways overtime to prevent them from being eaten by humans and animals. These natural changes make healthy food surprisingly unhealthy.

What are lectins? Lectins are a certain type of proteins that have an ability to bind to cell membranes. They protect the plants against microorganisms, insects, and pests. Humans are not able to digest the compound and it enters the bloodstream in an unchanged form. While lectin is used by the body for basic functioning such as inflammatory modulation, cell to cell adherence and programmed cell death, consuming them in large amounts may cause a negative reaction that may lead to poor health.

An abstract published in Pubmed lists lectin as a naturally occurring food toxin that may bind with the mucosal cells of the intestine and obstruct nutrient absorption [https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3153292/]. It also facilitates the growth of bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.

Plants can use the compound lectin as their defense mechanism to stop you from eating them in large quantities. So, the food that was previously considered safe has become unsafe with growing time. Therefore, it is important to rely on recent researches than to just eat what is considered good from ancient times. He also found that the compound is present in huge quantities in the skin and the seeds of some fruits and vegetables and so, having a knowledge of it can save you from consuming it in huge amounts.

Fortunately, not all the healthy food contains lectin. This book helps in educating you to make better food choices and prevent the ill effect of the concentration of lectin fluctuation in the plants.

Where to buy The Plant Paradox? Well, getting the revolutionary book is just a click away. Released in April 2017, the book has gained extreme popularity due to its usefulness and has been on the New York Times Bestseller list for weeks. The Plant Paradox is published by HarperCollins Publishing which is one of the largest publishers and has been bringing useful and amazing books since the last 200 years. The Plant Paradox is easily available on top-selling websites such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. All you have to do is just make the payment and talk advantage of the thoroughgoing information presented in it.

In a nutshell, if you are looking to make healthy choices and want to become disease free, you have to choose wisely. Not all healthy looking food seems to be as healthy as you may think. Some of them have naturally occurring toxins that may affect your nutrition exposing you to various ailments. Through his extensive research and expertise, Dr. Steven Gundry is able to explain and create awareness about such foods in his book-The Plant Paradox, which is a must-read for everyone.