Oscar voters held a rare members-only meeting to discuss the Netflix problem

Last week, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences held a
members-only meeting for only the second time in its 90-year history —
and one of the big reasons for the rare event was to discuss Netflix.

The success of the streaming giant’s original content has already become
a staple at the Emmys, and now Academy members are trying to figure out
if they should allow more Netflix titles into the Academy Awards. Netflix
has received Oscar nominations for its documentaries in the past, but
never for its narrative originals.

According to Deadline, the 300 members who attended the meeting (the
total number of members is around 8,500) spent a good deal of time
discussing if a Netflix narrative title should be eligible for the Oscars
if it only screens for the required one-week New York and Los Angeles
theatrical run. …