How to Make the Most of Your Lashes (and a Futuristic New Beauty Product!)

How to Make the Most of Your Lashes (and a Futuristic New Beauty Product!)

It’s vital that we take care of that oft neglected region around the eye area known as the eyelashes. Our natural lashes are cleverly designed to protect our eyes from harmful dust and debris. They are the gatekeepers to one of our most important assets.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with our lashes. They are, after all, framing the very windows to our soul! Shouldn’t we draw some more attention their way?

Here’s some ways you can make your eyelashes more eye-catching on a daily basis (just wait for the last one!)

The Eyelash Curler

Curling your eyelashes can make them appear longer and your eyes, bright and larger. It’s a clever illusion that works well.

Clamp the curler down firmly and close the base for about 5 seconds and then release it gently. Apply mascara as normal. You should replace eyelash curlers every 2 – 3 months if you use them regularly to reduce the possibility of eye infections.


Eyelash Primer

Eyelash primer can make the tiny hairs of your eyelashes appear thicker and longer before you even apply mascara, which will only boost them further. Before you apply mascara, make sure that the lash primer is completely dry.




Applying eyeliner on the outer rim of the eyelid makes the lashes appear longer. You only need visualize Brigitte Bardot and her famous cat eyes to get the picture. Never apply eyeliner to your water line (the inner part of the eye rim) as it may cause irritation.



An old staple that still makes a big impact. Wipe your mascara wand with a tissue before applying to remove excess product that may clump on the lashes. If you’d like to apply two coats, wait until the first one is dry before applying the second. A tiny eyelash comb is the perfect final touch as it can also remove any clumps and further elongate the lashes.


Eyelash Dye

Some people love having their lashes permanently darkened, especially those whose lashes are naturally lighter. Others can’t stand the watering eyes and chemical fumes that seem to come hand in hand with achieving the look. Since dyeing your lashes is such a delicate procedure, always work with a professional to avoid having those chemicals come in contact with your eyes.


The New False Eyelashes

When you dream of having thick, luscious, celebrity-style lashes you usually have two options:

spend hundreds of dollars on professional eyelash extensions that need to be refilled every couple of weeks, or buy the cheap drugstore variety knowing that the battle is real and that you’re probably not going to come out of your bathroom unscathed. Either way, you’re also dealing with potentially toxic, formaldehyde-infused glues.

But there’s a new kid in town, and the wild west of lash adhesion just became divinely futuristic.


Say hello to magnetic lashes!

Yep, you heard that right. Thanks to One Two Cosmetics, the new One Two Lash system uses absolutely no adhesives. It relies solely on the use of miniature magnets. The lashes are lightweight and 100% reusable.

Rather than applying a single strip of lashes over your own natural eyelashes, One Two lash sandwiches your lash between two lash trips. Each lash strip is lined with mini magnets and therefore attracts its mate to click firmly into place.


This is how they work:

First, you take the top lash and place it directly over your own lash line and just let it balance there for a moment. Then take the bottom lash and position it under your own natural lashes. Slowly continue to bring up that bottom lash up and before you know it they will snap together.

Perhaps the best part about these magnetic lashes is that the more you wear them, the more money you end up saving. Consider how many sets of fake eyelashes you need to purchase, or how much professional extensions cost. Magnetic lashes, on the other hand, go for just $69 for an entire set (which includes a bonus second pair) you’re already well below the price of eyelash extensions. Your magnetic lashes will arrive in a cute little magnetic case which keeps them firmly secured when you’re not wearing them.

One Two Lash can be used with your regular makeup, but never apply mascara directly onto your magnetic lashes—due to their delicate nature, applying mascara or anything else will reduce their lifespan. Instead, apply mascara to your own natural lashes to further increase their volume, before applying the magnetic lashes. Once they’re secure you can touch up your natural lashes on the inner eye area where the magnetic lashes don’t sit.

When it comes time to remove your magnetic lashes use your index finger and thumb to gently slide the two magnets away from each other. Take it slowly, so that you don’t ruin the shape of the lashes. Avoid washing your face until the lashes have been removed and always return One Two Lash to their special case. If you notice makeup residue on your magnetic lashes, simply wipe with a wet tissue. Or you can invest in One Two Cosmetic’s One Two Wash, a gentle cleanser suitable for both the eye area and your new lashes.

There are many ways to boost the beauty of your eyes but magnetic eyelashes the safest, most impactful method we’ve found to date!